Cop falls for dog and adopts him after police find him tied to a fence

Officers from the Larence Police Department in Indiana were notified about a dog who had been left abandoned. The husky had been tied to a fence and had little room to move.

It was clear that someone had left the dog there with no intention of coming back for them.

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Responding officers were filming a reality television show.

The police officers who responded to the scene were being filmed for the A&E series “LivePD.” The producers of the show couldn’t have hoped for a better feel-good story than this one.

LivePD show has been one of the most-watched programs on the network beginning with its first airing in 2016.

Source: YouTube – A&E

Officers were cautious at first.

The responding police officers had no way of knowing whether or not the abandoned dog was aggressive or not.

They approached with caution but soon noticed that this husky was particularly sweet. He was not a dog they needed to worry about.

Source: YouTube – A&E

In fact, Officer Stuart Bishop seemed to bond with the husky right away.

He began taking pictures of the dog and sending them to his wife, asking if they could keep him. It was a canine and human love at first sight story.

Source: YouTube – A&E

Lawrence Police Department PIO Gary Woodruff spoke to WRTV about noticing an “instant bond” between the Husky and Officer Stuart Bishop.

“It was obvious there was an instant bond between the Husky mix pup and Officer Bishop,” Woodruff said.

Despite the obvious bond between the two, Bishop would not be able to give the husky a new forever home just yet. First, they had to attempt to contact the owner.

The husky was taken to an animal shelter.

It must have been an anxious time for Officer Bishop, who clearly wanted to adopt the dog he bonded so quickly with. They had to make sure nobody claimed him first before he could start the adoption process, however.

Animal control attempted to find the husky’s owner but was unable to. As a result, the dog was put up for adoption.

Officer Bishop adopts the abandoned husky.

After nobody claimed him, Officer Bishop was able to adopt the abandoned dog. He renamed him “Rizzo” after the baseball player Anthony Rizzo, who plays for Bishop’s favorite team, the Chicago Cubs.

Considering the callous act his former family committed upon him, we think Rizzo is going to be very happy living with someone who so clearly cares for him.

There is something very special about the bond that can develop between dog and human, and Rizzo and Bishop have that in spades. They are both very fortunate.

In addition to being a 6-year veteran with the Lawrence Police Department, Bishop is also a US Air Force Veteran. He is a certified field training officer and a member of the Special Weapons & Tactics team.

Bishop posts all his adventures with his new BFF on the @Rizzo_Bishop Twitter account.

Numerous people who have viewed media coverage of this story have felt compelled to leave a comment.“I’ve worked with rescue dogs. The way he ran up and gave kisses. He rescued you. Lol. Love it,” wrote one viewer.“Now that’s a respectable cop. Immediately fell in love with the pup. My heart is full,” wrote another.

Learn more about Officer Bishop and Rizzo in the touching video below!

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