Bizarre new grooming craze sees images of cats with dinosaur cuts take social media by storm

It seems pet owners are using their time in lock down to hone their grooming skills by giving their cats ‘dragoncuts’ or ‘dinocuts.’

Pictures of these roaring new styles have appeared across social media and are being met with mixed reactions.

I’m not sure how impressed the cats are with their new styles.

As well as shaving their fur into dragon scales, some extending through their tails, some pet owners have taken the look a step further by dyeing their cat’s fur green and purple.

This dinosaur trend first started gaining momentum after a pet groomer shared a #TBT photo on Instagram to show off his new cat creation.

Since then cat owners around the world have been sharing their own daring dino creations with images of grumpy cats gaining thousands of shares and comments.

While some may love this new feline trend and be inspired to try it out on their own pets, shaving a cat’s fur does leave them more susceptible to sunburn during the summer months.

One Instagram user posted a response to this new craze writing: “Since your cat depends on their coat for protection, losing this “protective layer” can cause them to feel anxious.”

Shaving your cat’s coat can prevent them from communicating with other cats, the new fur growth can be very itchy and irritable and shaving them can be stressful for the cat, the commentator added.

Let’s hope these cats are house cats and aren’t left more vulnerable to the elements outside.

What do you think about this new cat trend, cruel or creative? Feel free to post your comments on our Facebook page and share with all your cat-loving friends.

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